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Ecology Is Echo-Logical

An S-Say in Angelish

What goes around, comes around. The way we treat our world is the way our world treats us. Thatıs the Spin. Thatıs the Spiral. Thatıs the S-Say of the Word of God. God is Dog; the gods care for us as we care for those who are dependent on us.

Nothing made this clearer than Katrina. We pumped carbons into the air, overheating the atmosphere. Which overheats the ocean. Which creates hurricanes as cooling fans. And what did the hurricane target? The Gulf oil platforms and refineries which provide the gasoline to pump the carbons to overheat the atmosphere to heat the oceans to create the hurricane. Prices at the pump went up. Global Warming. Global Warning. Goes around, comes around. Echo-logical.

Or take the dying coral reefs. What is coral? In Angelish (our inner language) itıs core-all. Coral is the core of all life in the oceans. Big fish eat small fish. Small fish eat coral (and other tiny organisms). Did you know that 90% of the population of large predator species, including sharks, have already vanished from the worldıs oceans? Kill the core(all), and kill all that depends on that core. Itıs echo-logical. No wonder the whales are wailing new songs (whale language is a kind of echo of the placement of pods and other species which surround them; they tell stories of what was, what is - and, quite possibly, wail, bemoan, what is lost, what wonıt be.) Whale song re-minds us that what is sound practice for one member of an ecology re-sounds for all others. That is the song of life. Echo-logical.

Coral reefs also protect islands (I-lands) and main lands from ocean and storm. Keep killing oceans and many of our main lands, like New York, will cease to be. Overheat the oceans, kill the coral, melt the glaciers, kill life around us, and overheat the competition for declining resources. Global Warming=Glow Ball War-ming. Thatıs the Global Warning. Echo-logical.

O Live! Says the Olive

In our legends, the Flood came once before. We were forgiven, the dove went out and brought back an olive branch. What did the olive tell us? It told us, and it tells us, the one great message of the Tree of Life, the S-Say and S-Sense of the Word of God ­ O Live! says the olive. O live! live in O, live in a circle. What goes around, comes around. That is echo-logical.

And just what is the O-Live Tree? Is it not the Tree of Life? Is it not our Poet Tree? Our Poetry, Our Music and Our Muse-Seek? Trees are threes - trios, TREE-O²s. Root, trunk, branch-and-leaf. Just as we two-leggeds are mobile trees ­ legs (roots), trunk, arms-and-head (branch-and-leaf). If our own 'be-leafs' on the tree of life spring from healthy roots and a strong heart (trunk), we open to the sun, flourish for our season, and fall in beauty - while the tree lives on. But if we have been uprooted from our natures, if we do not stand upright in respect and grace, but are twisted by ambition, greed and pride, then our be-leafs (leaves, leafs, liefs - permissions to express who we are) are short-lived and ill-grown. The Tree or Trio of Life (Birth, Life, Death) finds no root in barren soil, dries in desserts, drowns in salt-land, or is eaten away by the insects (in sects; religious mania) of false be-leafs.

In India, the story of the Flood is called Manu and the Great Fish. Manu ('Man u' are) is warned by the fish that the flood will come. Like Noah (Know Ah! Know life! Know Allah! Know God!), Manu builds a boat or ark. This boat holds not all the animals, but their ark-key-types ­ that is, their genetic codes. While the waters are high, the ark (archetypes; our key types) is accompanied by porpoises (purposes; reasons to continue). When the Ark has landed the Porpoises, the Great Fish, then becomes the Salmon (Salvation of Man) who swims up river to feed the humans (hue-mans; all the races and colors of man) to begin again. The Great God S (Great Goddess) has given us another chance to spin our fates.

But the life which has been given to us is a loan ­ from the Central Bank of Being. If we remain alone, if we do not repay that loan with interest in the world in the world around us, if we do not turn Œaloneı into Œall oneı, but remain apart from, rather than a part of, the Great Circle of Being, then our be-leafs will wither and die and fall away without the seeding of rebirth.

O Live! That is the One Be-Leaf of the Great Tree. O Live. Let the circle live. Be One with the O, with the whOle. That is Echo-Logical.

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