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What! You Don't Believe In Fairies?

A Modest Essay in Angelish

In Angelish, 'fairies' are 'ferries'. They take us back and forth across the river, over the sea, between dimensions. They accompany us from one reality to another. The river that the fairies cross is the river of time. And time (tie-me) is what we use to tie ourselves to our reality. Which is why, in our overly busy world, it is the very young and the very old who see fairies best. Those who have just, or are about to, 'cross over'. Some of us today may see another form of 'crossing over'. Instead of fairies, we may see UFO's, aliens. Who, of course, come from the same places as the fairies. Though again, very busy and very rational and very normal people do not see UFO's and small green people. Only those of us who are a bit weird, a little off, a little alienated from conventional society. We see aliens because we ourselves are members of the 'alien nation'.

Of course, this is not rational. Rational people tell us we need therapy. But how often have we noticed our therapist (the rapist) is crazier than we are? Still, therapists have degrees from universities, where everything is rational and scientific. Scientists (in Angelish, 'psi-endists') teach us there are no fairies. But of course there are still demons. Which, if we have ever attended a university, we know to be true because we have been pursued by the aca-demons of academia. Who, for instance, for years after haunt us with the dream of showing up naked for the history exam we have not prepared for. 'The-rapists' and 'aca-demons' have driven many of us into the alien nation, and perhaps we can be forgiven for needing fairies (ferries) to cross over somewhere else.

The very crazy among us now think we are entering a 'New Age'. One in which we will live happily with the Fairies and the Aliens (as well as Iraqis, North Koreans and Fundamentalists). This is because we are learning to take responsibility (response-ability) for our own actions and reality. We are learning that 'there are not accidents' (ax-I-dents; ax-psi-dents); or rather, that when there are, we did it to ourselves. All of this is clearly explained in our own Akashic Records (Akashic: Aka chic, or New Age Vogue). Or, as the older among us should have learned while we were painting flowers on our VW vans, everyone has their own form of van-ity.

Our special form of vanity is to believe that we are God. And God is We. (Or God is wee, the little green folk; or God is wee-wee, but now I've gone too far.). This is such a relief, knowing God is not somewhere outside of us, but within, not only 'on our side', but on our inside. Can any Wall Street inside trader ask for more? The old Gestalt 'aha!' of revelation! AHA!

I AM GOD! In fact we all are. We are ALL AH! The Guru tells you 'Gee, yoU aRe yoU'. See that JESUS? JEe, he'S US! The Goddess ISIS? She IS who she IS. The Muslim IMAM? I aM who i AM. The MESSIAH. ME aS(S) I A(H)m. All the way back to ZEUS. Since he'ZE US too!

So here we are, alienated, the alien nation. This is called existence ('x' is tense). We may feel alone, but it's a loan from Spirit. A loan from the Central Bank of Being. And how do we pay off the loan? Normal people go to college and pay tuition. We go within, to our God-Self, and pay intuition. But, psst! watch that outer reality too! Because you have to pay there also. Pay attention (pay a tension). Otherwise, as it says on the bumper sticker, somebody's karma might run over your dogma. You can try to get away. You might live in an apartment, but that is still 'a part' you're 'meant' to play. Which raises the question, is it a part of, or a part from?

This is it, folks. Is there any alternative? Only to alter the native (ourselves). Which we might choose to do at our altar. Because what's an altar for, if it doesn't alter us? So go ahead a nd pray. But be sure there's some prey to pray for. It's okay to be a carnivore or a vegetarian. But it's not a good idea to be a plain old airian (Aryan). It's dangerous (danger, us!) to ignore the physical world (the fizz I call world). Try to ascend. That's exactly where you'll end, on your ass end. Want abundance? Move your ass (a bun dance). To end your trance, gotta dance (transcendence). Even avoidance (a void dance) is still part of the dance. Want to avoid sex, believe in chastity? Everyone chases titty in their own way. Still a virgin? You're on the 'verge' of going 'in'.

And you can't escape with drugs. It just 'de-rugs' you, pulls the rug out and ungrounds you, one more way to ass-end. Go ahead and ale (ail) or wine (whine). A little whiskey is your whisk-key to sweep your troubles away? Just a little social drinking for the alcoholic (all-co-haul-ick)? Or maybe you like the hard stuff! Wanta be bad? Do Co-Caine, be a partner-in-crime until you find yourself dis-Abeled. Heroin to be your own 'hero-in'? Smack, it's gonna get ya! Lonely, are ya? Smoke that mari-juana ('marry-wanna'; desire for partnership). It's just an illusion ('ill-use-I-on'), and they don't call it 'Dope!' for nothing. Just another form of crime (cry me!; self-absorption). Life can be delightful (de-light-full) when you don't depend (deep end) on some narcotic dramamine (drama-mine).

And remember, an Akashic Record is still just a record - a re-chord. Play it again, Sam! We've been this way before. What we are listening to, what we are hearing, is our here-ring, the set of connections that keeps us present. And that's what the present is, the gift of being here. (As opposed to beer: the 'BE-'ERe-now' of the non-psychedelic set.)

But don't be cynical. Remember, the 'sin I call' out against in others is the sin I call to myself. And finally, the next time you see Elvis bagging groceries at Dominick's or Jewel, just remember (re-member) he's one of us. One of the Fairies. And salute him by his true name: Elf Is!

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