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1 - Words/Weirds

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WORDS - words are weirds wyrds
WEIRDS WYRDS - castings of spells
SPELLINGS - spell links; spell lynx – create fate
WORDS are WEIRDS which Is why they are spelled
LETTERS - let-ers; givers of permission
SENTENCES - sentenced to live by spells we cast
SYNTAX - sin tax; cost of misspellings
WRITING – righting what is misspelled.

We are sentenced to live by the spells we cast, and when the syntax of our sentences is not well spoken joined by spokes to the hub, or center, of our purpose; or well written don’t know rite from wrong, then we pay the sin tax of the spells witch condemn us. In the Beginning was the Word. In the Beginning (for Pagans and Hippies) was the Weird, or Wyrd. In the Beginning (for the Internet Generation) was the Wired.

Words weirds, wyrds are castings of spells. Which is why they are spelled. They are fates or destinies. Words are composed of letters let-ers – literally givers of permission; they ‘let’, or allow, patterns of energy to come into being. Letters are vowels or consonants. Consonants are con-sonants – they ‘sound with’ fixed geometric patterns of energy states. For instance, a ‘g’ depicts a counter-clockwise, inward in-word moving spiral, while a ‘b’ represents a clock-wise, outer-moving spiral. Vowels are ‘Vows of El’ - the Canaanite name for God in the place and at the time our modern alphabet was first written down.

The five fundamental Promises of God, or Vows of El, in Angelish are:

  • ‘AH’ – a-hAH! the satsfaction of being present
  • ‘A’ – creAtion
  • ‘E’ – dEstruction
  • ‘O’ – as in Om, the whOle, or hole
  • ‘U’- ‘OO’, as in ‘yOU’ – intimacy, meeting

When our present alphabet apha bet; all-father bet; gamble on male, left brain values was first created in the Middle East, writing materials were limited. Egyptian hieroglyphics were often written on perishable papyrus. Sumerian cuneiform was usually inscribed on baked bricks, also perishable. But along the rocky eastern coastline of the Mediterranean, the writing material was stone. Thus the Torah, or Old Testament, was ‘written in stone’ – these were truths which could not be altered. Despite the fact that many of the Biblical stories had been told in earlier Egyptian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Persian and Indian versions, their Aramaic, Hebraic and Latin renditions became our history. And Biblical fundamentalism is what we have been sentenced to. We in the West are, as the Muslim world would come to call us, ‘people of the book’. Of course, the Muslims also have their own book, which many of them also take literally letter-by-letter; permission-by-permission. This is The Law – from El, or l – God – and awe. Law is God-Awe.

And thus the Alphabet – the El-Fa Bet. The Alpha-Beta, or Aleph-Beth. Alpha, or Aleph, is also El-Father, All-Father. Or the Elf-Father, and the alphabet the Elf-Abet. Santa Clause bestows his presents His Presence with the help of the elves El-efs who aid or abet Him. The gifts of the elves l-v’s in the elf-abet is in the letters let-ers – those which give permission for spells to be cast by gods, elves, wizards, angels, witches, poets, orators and English teachers.

Whenever our attempts to organize our world through language are written made writ; ritualized – in a Bible, a law code or a dictionary – we are attempting to hold off the depredations of time, of change, of flux, and to rally around enduring concepts and values. We have cast a spell upon the world - spelled words and constructed sentences and stories store ease upon which to lean back and rest.

In Angelish, metaphor is meta four – the realization that there are always four primary and diverse ways to view the same situation: as material fact; as part of a greater organic whole; as poetic imagery; and as spiritual allegory. Aristotle explored this theme as the Four Causes. It is also the root of such ideas as the Four Directions, Four Archangels, Four Elements, etc. But when allegory is made literal, it becomes all a gory tale of rape and pillage in the name of God. We pay the sin tax syntax of misusing language.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.