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AngeLynx Review by Aleesha Stephensen, Timeless Spirit Magazine, May 2006

AngelLynx - A Divination Deck
by John Sacelli & Chris Deschaine

When I first opened this deck and saw the words or shall I say ' wyrds ' around the edges of the cards it took me a minute to understand what I was seeing. Then as my mind began to expand, twisting my 'normal' thinking around I was able to understand. This deck takes our words and pulls them apart, shines a bright light on them and puts them back together again - what do we get from it? A whole new understanding. Our English becomes Angelish for us. We see our nightmare - the dream we fear which runs over us become a Night Mare - the dream we mount, carries us. Our fear becomes power

It takes the shadows, the part we don't want anyone to see and illuminates them and once we see them, we can't deny them anymore. we have to really 'see' them.

I have been having some back pain (I sprained my back two weeks ago) and so I decided to do a reading.

I was represented by the nightmare card. My body spoke of my anger, my mind spoke of criticism, and my spirit of fear! Was I surprised by this? No, not at all. I believe we hold memories in every cell of our body . . . I knew I was releasing years of upset, a childhood filled with pain - it all had to go!

So then, how did this reading assist me if I already knew all of this? Well it confirmed for me that my instincts are correct I am releasing years of yuck but it showed me I can turn my nightmare into my Night Mare and move through this pain.

Are you wondering what the final card of my reading (where I am going) was? Poetry or as I see it Poet Tree where each page that is written becomes a leaf on the Poet Tree - sharing our experiences with others gives them power to mount their own Night Mare. So the muse for my review of this deck was born.

I have received a very detailed reading for myself with this deck each time I've used it. I also pulled it out at the Meditation Group which meets once a month in my living room. All ten of us pulled a single card, passing the deck around the room. Everyone resonated very strongly with their card.

This is the kind of deck you want to be alone with though, for the most part as so far, my experience of using this deck has been very personal and deep, shining light on shadows I didn't realize I had but once the light hit them I realized they've been there for awhile now.

Thought provoking, insightful and unique - does a deck get any better than this?

Timeless Spirit

AngeLynx Review in Mystic Living Today, Planet Starz ezine, Dec 2005

AngelLynx - A Divination Deck
by John Sacelli & Chris Deschaine

This 52 card deck and 36 page instruction booklet are a very interesting one two punch for the card reader who feels they have felt it all. I have never seen such a wonderfully explosive and intense deck as this one. The play on words throughout this nugget of individualism makes it just that much more delightful, and the cards took me to galaxies I never new existed.

This deck is not for the squeamish of soul, but I do believe that anyone can benefit from it. The booklet was easy to follow and understand and the spreads were down to earth (sort of) and very helpful. I had no trouble using this deck and I noticed afterwards I definitely felt like I had a major energy boost for a while. I thank you so much John and Chris for bringing this deck to the world and I hope you will continue to make divination tools in the future.

Planet Starz Site

AngeLynx Review in Moon Shadows Magazine, Dec 2005

Graphic art review by Cari Lynn Kennedy
Tarot interpretation by Marian Grey

The AngeLynx cards are an advanced, unorthodox set of cards that are used as a point of focus to get you into the superconsious level. This deck helps enable your own abilities to come forth. While the wording on the cards do suggest a meaning, the deck aids in bringing out your own intuitive thoughts instead of relying on traditional cards and meaning. The vibrant colors, patterns and shapes on the deck attract your attention while drawing you into a deeper state. The artist’s whimsical and wispy strokes create eye pleasing, serene patterns and designs. This deck is highly recommended for the advanced reader or for anyone who wants to enhance their intuitive abilities.

Excerpt from article A Journey into Hypnosis by Cari Lynn Kennedy:

    I met John Sacelli of Shamanic Lynx. John is a graduate of Yale University and has explored alternative therapies for over 35 years. His work involves shamanic counseling, dreams, past lives and soul purpose. Seated next to him was Mr. Guy Spiro, the owner of the Monthly Aspectarian. As they talked, Guy was amazed by the accuracy of Mr. Sacelli's reading and the beauty of the tarot deck. The colors and patterns are intense. The deck needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.
Moonshadows Site
Cari Lynn Kennedy's Site

Excerpt from Web Review by Bonnie Cehovet at AngelFire and Aeclectic Tarot

"AngeLynx" is a 52 card divination deck, the product of over ten years work by John Sacelli - shaman, astrologer, and spiritual counselor - and artist Chris Deschaine . Where to begin? With the cover scan from the box and book, I think. The scan is a compilation of the Angel and the Lynx cards, showing the gold's, green's and brown's of the Maltese Cross on the Angel card, and with the face of the Lynx superimposed over the middle of the cross. The eyes stare, hypnotically, straight out from the card. To meet this gaze is to enter the deck and begin the work.

Every question becomes a quest-I-on, or a search for understanding, and understanding of "why" or "y" things are as they are. Our past choices make up the story, the story of how our present came to be, and from which our future will emerge. I think everyone who works with divination in any form understands that this is at the basis of the work.

If you are willing to work on yourself, and put in the work to connect with these cards, they can take you a long way into understanding your life, your path, and your options. They will help you to take down boundaries, and open doors that you were not even aware were there. Not for the traditional, this deck could well be used for private meditation or ritual, for private readings, for readings for others, or in group work.

For full review go to Angel Fire or Aeclectic Tarot

Web Review by Kim Closson (Dominion) at Temple of Sarama

Phenomenal! BUY IT!

Artist, Chris Deschaine, & word deconstructor/Rosetta Stone, John Sacelli , offer something so simple: something that's been reclaimed from science back to Magick.  I can't explain this deck at all.  Go ANYWHERE you can find it- open the box & pull a card. You will know immediately what that card is telling you at first glance.  As a teaser- all 52 cards have a *reverse*; and the *IMAGE CHANGES* to something entirely different.  The text written along the 4 outside edges literally link the heart/head (i.e.- emotional reactions are triggered when the word of the card is actually turned into a sentence = "Angelish").  Like instant revelations or epiphanies.

    "This exploration of language and left brain-right brain interactions takes us on a journey through the creation of physical reality (Physical World - Fizz I Call Whirled) THE WORD and our own imagination (I Magi Nation) and how language determines our personal realities: words are spelled in sentences because we are sentenced to live by the spells we cast." ~John Sacelli

The cards are accompanied by a companion book that breaks down the words as it builds up their meaning.  There is so much to commend about this set that I am just going to have to stop typing.

Temple of Sarama


"Very good. Very fresh."
Amiri Baraka on Angelish

"Your work is very beautiful, filled with light and spiritualized forms. The central iconic energy of each picture radiates soul patterns...!"
Alex Grey on Chris Deschaine's art

"Your cards are so beautiful, so lifechanging. They are a gift to the world"
—Gayle Seminara, Transitions Bookplace

"AngeLynx are a brilliant magis creative play into the root of language through a shamans' journey into the universe of soul.... it weaves connection in such a way that expands your definition of ancestry."
—Dawn Silver Healing Earth founder and author of the Jewels of the Lotus Oracle

"The cards have a kind of mystical quality to them; if you're looking for something to project your unconscious mind onto, these will work very well."
— Barbara Geiger, Geiger Group.

"Fanfuckingtastic cards. Box 'n all. Sex = Holy Spirit = hole, spear it. Cracked me up! These cards will be a very real success. Enjoy the ride."

"I got a deck from John and absolutely LOVE THEM!!!!"

"Simply amazing... these cards are. Thank you for my personal deck...I am in awe of the symmetry between the words and the art..."

"These cards are so insightful. Awesome!"

"A thinking-man's Tarot - ."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.