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Readings Re-Dings; or, A Bell Went Off in My Head and Now I Hear It Again

If you use tarot or some other deck and have a favorite divination spread, feel free to use it here. AngeLynx readings range from a single card to simply leafing through the deck, seeing which image engages you, which weird or spell-cast takes you in a direction you’ve never been before. If you like, simply swirl the cards around, and see which ones invite you to pick them up. Chaos is sometimes more liberating than structure. But, in general, stick with the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. Every Angelish concept is based on a contradiction which, followed deeply enough, will lead you to the place ‘before words began, before spells were cast’.

Sacred, or Sacrum-Red, Readings are based on the Angelish understanding that when the Kundalini rises from the base or sacral chakra, it begins with the red heat of passion. The passion moves from the base chakra (passion to survive), to the sex chakra (erotic passion), and upward to the third chakra (passion for power), the fourth or heart chakra (compassion; passion on behalf of others), the throat chakra (passion for truth), the Third Eye (passion for knowledge and understanding) and finally the seventh chakra (spiritual passion; desire to be One with All). The nature of the goal changes, but the initial passion remains. Angelish cards can be used to gain insight into where our passions lie. Angelish is a bit stubborn about its interpretations; it truly believes that the word ‘sacred’ derives from the idea of a super-heated, or red, sacral chakra.

The Seven Chakra Sac-Red Reading:

  1. Base chakra - where is my grounding; where am I coming from.
  2. Sex chakra - where is my bonding; what am I drawing to me.
  3. Hara, Moving Center (Solar Plexus) - where is my power being used.
  4. Heart - where do I love; where am I connected by essence, not form.
  5. Throat - where is my truth; how do I separate self from not-self.
  6. Third Eye - where is my knowledge; where is my place in the world.
  7. Top chakra - where is my spirit, or oneness with all.
Seven Card Reading

A Simple Sym-pal, or Sympathetic Pal Reading: Toss just one card for yourself. That can be ‘who am I right now?’ or who am I in regard to some specific issue - employment, relationships, spiritual growth, etc. Toss a second card to the left for the circumstances or lessons from the past. A third card to the right for future directions. A fourth card for what holds you or grounds you. And a fifth card above for help, guidance or inspiration. It’s sym-pal.

Five Card Reading

The Listen Reading, or ‘List Ten’ Reading is an extension of traditional 4 Direction, 5 Direction or 7 Direction Readings. However, like the Sac-Red Reading, it is Holier has more holes, or, if you prefer, more wholes. In order, throw cards for:

  1. East - Air, Mind, Thoughts and Ideas, the Place of Beginnings
  2. West - Water, Flow, Emotion, the Place of Journey.
  3. South - Fire, Passion, the Place of Combining.
  4. North - Earth, Crystals, the Place of Abiding.
  5. Down - Soul, the Place of Death and Rebirth.
  6. Up - Spirit, the place of Inspiration.
  7. Within - the Place of Understanding.
  8. Without - the Place of Standing; What You Show the World.
  9. All Directions at Once; the Tao of Being.
  10. No Directions at All; The Tao of Non-Being. What does it mean to find the Direction of ‘No Directions at All’? Throw a card to find out. When you finally give up trying to understand, you’ll have arrived. Of course, if 4 Directions, or 5 or 7, are enough for you, you should have stopped there.
Ten Card Reading

Tree of Life (Kabbala) Reading: In order from 0 to 10, lay 11 cards for the Sephiroth or Emanations.

0. Keter - Crown. Spirit. Great Mystery. Source. Inspiration.

1. Chocmah - Wisdom. Openness to guidance. Attunement to the Divine.
The vision received.
2. Binah - Understanding. Unfolding. Developing the idea or vision that
has been received.
3. Da'at - Knowledge. Expertise. Applying what you know. Bridge from
mind to matter.

4. Chesed - Generosity. Pure motive. Kindness. Action. Spontaneous giving. Outflow.
5. Gevura (Din) - Strength. Justice. Judgment. Focused giving. Courage.
6. Tiferet - Beauty. Synthesis of Justice and Generosity. Mercy. Compassion. Grace.

7. Nitzach - Trial. Purging. Victory over external and internal obstacles. Triumph.
8. Hod - Awe. Power. Punishment. Karma. Resistance. Humility. Restraint. Limitation.
9. Yesod - Foundation. Translation. Implanting. Creation. Accomplishment. Bringing into being.

10. Malchut or Shekinah - That which has been brought into being. Righteousness. The manifestation. Spirit made flesh. The world.

Re-Versed Cards

Does it matter which end of the card is up when you first turn it over? Let’s say you pick card 29, with I RATE at the top, and IRATE at the bottom. Here the card may be telling you that you are over- or underestimating your own importance in the situation I RATE, but the underlying cause might be anger at self or another IRATE. If on the other hand IRATE were at the top, the anger may be more obvious, but the card could be telling you to look at misperception as the cause.

Or, should you look first at a side view of the cards, the words you see first may give you a different perspective. Here MISERABLE might be describing a state of mind, while MISER-RABBLE could refer to external conditions.

Wherever you focus first is the entry point into the story as a whole. The differences are subtle, but Angelish always asks you to look deeper, to see what lies under the surface. Keep turning the cards. Keep turning the question over in your mind. Answers will come.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.