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The AngeLynx Divination Deck is a right brain-left brain dialogue, exploring word and image (I-Mage), a synthesis of the visionary experience of artist Chris Deschaine and the Angelish language, as channeled by poet/intuitive John Sacelli.

John Sacelli was first confronted with Angelish during a series of Shamanic dreams in the early 1980’s. The Lynx which appeared in these dreams became the Links to other dimensions of consciousness. Hidden within ordinary language lie the keys to this deeper consciousness: Angels are Angles • Lynx are Links • Radius: Ray Dius (Ray of God) • Archetypes: Our Key Types. • Alchemy: All Key Me • Pray (ask): Prey (take) • Tuition (pay to learn in school): Intuition (play to learn in self) • Cynical: Sin I Call. Image: I Mage • And many more. Each angeLynx card explores one or more pairs of words which expand our understanding, while at the same time the images shimmer and lure us deeper into feeling.

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