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New Angelisms

(A supplement to the Angelish Dictionary. To be included in an upcoming 2nd Edition. Words in italic at the end refer either to other words on this list, or in the Dictionary.)

Accurate - a cure rate. Not too much, not too little, is a cure rate for what ails you.

Adam's Apple - Adam's a pal. Eve and Adam did it together. When Feminine and Masculine cooperate, the path is cleared. the voice is heard. Apple

Adore - a door. I adore you: I a door you (can walk through); you a door (for) me.

Allergies - all urge ease. Life is overwhelming; let's reject what we can't deal with. Indigestion.

Ambassador - (I) am Ba as a door. The Egyptian Ba, loosely "the soul", serves as a door or connector from the personal self to the great self.

Anarchy - a narc! ee! Nobody controls my chemistry!

Apathy - a path, ee! Too much work to walk my path. Ain't goin' nowhere; just gonna sit here.

Approximate - a proxy mate. Not quite what you meant to meet, eh mate? Exact.

Aquarius - aqua aerie us. Green is the color of the sacred heart of the Piscean Age. But blue is the color of the throat chakra, where the aerie, or eagle's nest (home of Spirit) resides for the Age of Aqua Aerie Us.

Articulate, Articulation - our tic(-tock; we're on time); you late. Our tick, you late, shun. Speak what is true, or suffer the consequences. We got it right; you screwed up.

Asteroid - a steroid. Spaced out big rock on drugs. Need an explanation for a massive species die-off? Bring on the asteroids.

Astral - as trail; ass trail. In the astral, nothing is quite what it is; everything is a simile - an 'as' trail. Too much alternate reality gets a little gaseous (gassy us) - an ass trail.

Bargains - bar gains. Free lunch at the bar? All you pay for is the drinks. You lose; bar gains.

Basement - base meant. Grounded in Earth.

Bau - bow! Bau, a Dog-Headed Goddess of Sumeria, daughter of Anu (Egyptian Anubis) reputedly had a terrific figure, From Bau we get our present dog talk 'bow-wow', or 'Bau, wow!' Bow to the Goddess to become Anu you! Representing the influence of Sirius, the Dog Star, Bau also expressed the subservient relation of man to god, or in reverse, dog to man. An, Dog, God, Goddess, Sirius, Barking.

Bellow - be low; bell owe; bell low. Pull it all deep down to let it up and out. To let your voice ring out, re-bell. Adam's Apple, Rebel.

Black - B lack; be lack. Absence of light.

Bless, blessing - b less; be less, sing. Simplicity. As in the old Shaker song/blessing: "It's a gift to be simple, it's a gift to be free; it's a gift to come down where we ought to be; and when we come right down to the place that is right, we shall be in the valley of love and delight."

Brain - b rain; bray in. Be rain; nothing grows until we water it with consciousness. Vs bray in: where the donkey brain talks to the monkey mind.

Cacophony - kaka phoney. Noisy pseudo-shit.

Caring - care-ring. Care for those next to you to create the circle.

Caustic - cause stick; imposing our own view by force. A variation of the Tsar-chasm (sarcasm) of supposed superiority which separates us from others. Sarcasm.

Chakra - shock-rah! Every chakra center we open star-tells us with new divine awareness. Startle.

Champagne - sham pain. The rich have problems too, you know! Bubbling over with the wine (whine) of wealth.

Coincide, Coincidence - co-inside; co-inside-dense. It's just an ax-I-dent that we happened to meet in the same train of thought on our one-track minds! Mistaking the sin of stupidity for the 'syn' of synchronicity. Accident.

Crime, Criminal - cry me! crime-in-all. Society (God, Satan, Mommy, the Voices in My Head) made me do it. Police.

Crisis - cry sis! Need a sister. Need assister.

Curious - curry us makes for a spicy treat.

Cycles - psi calls. Our psi calls guide us through our changes. Psychic, Siren.

Daley - daily. A Chicago prayer: Give us this day our Daley bread. No more Daley add ministration? These must be the End Times.

Do - due. Too much to do? Gotta pay dues! When we don't do what we oughta do, our do's are overdue, and we gotta overdo to pay dues.Owe

Embody - am body. The Fizz I Call Body embodies what I call into being (me). Physical

Empath, Empathy - mmmm path; mmm-path, eee!; I feel your pleasure and your pain.

Engineer - engine near. Keep that train of thought on the right track, and the engine near will drive it where you need to go.

Enlightenment - in, light, in! meant. Looking somewhere else for enlightenment? You're just d-arking yourself from your real source. Dark

Excruciate - ex-crew-she-ate.The juicier we are, the more the gods enjoy eating us. - "And lo Anath smites in the valley. She smites the people of the sea shore. Destroys mankind of the sunrise. Under her are heads like vultures. Over her are hands like locusts. She piles up heads on her back. She ties up hands in her bundle. Knee-deep she plunges in the blood of soldiers. Up to the neck in the gore of troops. Anath gluts her liver with laughter. Her heart is filled with joy. The Virgin Anath washes her hands.She washes her hands in the blood of soldiers." - Ugarit Texts, Caananite

Extreme, extremism - X stream, X stream is m(e). When you swim in the X-stream, the X is your own survival.

Fact, faction - 'f'act; facts shun. F's are F-fervescent; they come and go. Don't join in sects which deify 'f' acts.

Feudal, feudalism - feud all; feud all is m(e). All against all, the cost of Class War Faire is Danger Us! Dangerous, Foreign, Warfare

Foreign - foe reign. We fear what is foreign as the enemy (in a me) who will control us.

Forgive, forgiven - 4 give; 4 given. What is given to 1. the past, 2. the present, 3. the future, and 4. eternity is 4-given.

Formation, information - form a tie on, form an inner tie or bond.

Function - funk shun. Don't mess it up.

Genital(s) - gen(erate) it all(s). Where it all comes from.

Ground - g(ravity) round. Space is curved; ground is the local gravity well or vortex (spiral; spire all) to which we all align or all aspire. Basement.

Horror - whore or? What happens to us when we don't give the Bitch-Goddess what she wants.

Howl - how EL (God) does what He does. H sounded alone is the wind or the breath. When God/Dog breathed breath into Adam and Eve and created WOMB/MAN, He 'howled' into the nothingness and shaped it into the us.

Hurrah - her Ra; her rah. Let's hear it for 'God is a Woman!'

Hypnosis - hip gnosis. In-Trance-Sing X-Press-Shun of Modern Psycho-Lo-G. 2,000 years ago the gnostic christians practiced gnosis in order to find peace. We moderns practice hip gnosis.

Ideal(s) - I deal(s). Compromise between universal perfection and personal limitation.

Im - I'm, I am. Immaterial - I'm material (I'm relevant, you're irrelevant). Immature - I'm mature; you're not. Impolite - I'm polite; you're an idiot. Impotent - I'm potent; you can't get it up; etc. etc. The inflections of 'im' as denial -(immobile; imperishable; etc.) always contain their opposite: imperfect - I'm perfect (the perfection of imperfection). Immortal - 'the gods' are immortal; I'm mortal. Or the criticism of others as a claim of one's own virtue: immoderate - I'm moderate, you're extreme. Or both, as in 'imperfect', which can be either 'you're flawed, I'm perfect', or can reflect the perfection of imperfection.

Incense - in, sense. Smell the world inside the self. The Nose Knows.

Indigestion - in, die! gest shun! - drama in the tummy. Allergies.

Indulgence - in dull gens. The more we eat, the less we taste. The more we talk, the less we say. Too much of anything dulls the senses and puts us in the company of some pretty dull gen(t)s. (Dic. 'gens' - male ancestry.)

Inshallah (Allah willing) - in shall ah. 'Allah willing', I keep breathing. "See you tomorrow, inshallah!' - I'll be there unless a piano drops on my head.

Information - see Formation.

Insist, insistence - in cyst, in cyst, tense. Caught, locked into one's own belief. 'In cyst' is the larval stage of 'in sect'. Not gonna change. Extreme, Feudal, Immoderate, Insect.

Intention - in 10, shun! a countdown to action (or not).

Intimate - in, tie, mate. Feel, meet, bond. Intimacy which doesn't last becomes 'in, time ate'.

Justice - just us; or just ice? The law applied with compassion is just us; the law applied without compassion is just ice.

Ki - key. Chinese chi, Japanese ki - life force. The key to everything.

Lesson - less on. Don't wear your winter cares too long or you'll lose your spring.

Lettuce - let us. The restaurant chain got this one right. Permission, a green light. Lettuce g(r)o(w) and eat green.

Leukemia - (in) lieu (of) key me, ah! What happens to my bones when I lose myself.

Like - lie key. In what we like may lie the key which leads like to like and life to light. But if our sentences are full of 'like' - and dis likes - and dat likes - "like, hey man, like, what you say is, like not cool, like, not real") - our likes and dislikes may take us near the mark but never to it, and we are sentenced to, like, always be, like, trying to figure it out. We are lying to ourselves about our willingness to tell ourselves the truth, and the key lies, like, just out of reach.

Likewise - like wise; like y's. Recognition of a common impulse which may still require separate choices. "Gotta get my head together before we get together!" - "Likewise!" Y.

Literal - litter all. Someone always has to clean up the litter left behind by the literal mind. Ex.: God created the world in 7 days. Literally?

Liquor - lick her. The bitter-sweet-sour-spicy-salt taste of life.

Lunacy - overwhelmed by emotional tides.

Marriage - merry age? Or mar-rage! There are good Merry Ages and bad Marry-Rages.

Master - mass stir. The Master stirs the Mistress. The Master Chef stirs the soup. The Spiritual Master stirs the masses.

Mathematician - ma theme a tit shun. Preferring the abstract to the organic.

Meat - meet; mete. Is it mete (just, right) that we eat what we meet? Is it our job to turn the world into us?

Mechanical, mechanistic - me can I call; me can I stick. I can outlive myself through what I make, or make right; but equally, I can get stuck in my calling.

Meme, memetic - me-me; me-met-ick. From me to me by way of u. Had enough?

Mental - men tal; meant all. Women once controlled men, psychically and sexually. Men found a way to escape the grip of women by going to the men tal (from tal, indo-aryan & old gemanic for valley) - the valley of the men. Where they figured out how to control women.

Merkaba - mer (sea of being) ka (spirit-soul) ba (personal soul). Connection from the everything through the something to the one thing.

Message - me sage; mess age. Did I get the me-sage? or did I get the mess-age. Recently a friend, having lost two cell phones with message lists in 6 months, asked for "precious seconds of your hyper-world of communications" to resend numbers to her 3rd cell. When does the 'me-sage' start to get 'phone-y'?

Minister - mini stir. Shake things up a bit, but not like the mass stir. Master.

Mistress - miss stress; Miss Stress. Do men miss stress when they take a mistress; or do women miss stress when they (miss) take a man? Mistake.

Mortality - more tale-ity. The story has an end, but it isn't over yet.

Movies - move ease. The I-mages and the store-ease let the brain flow.

Nipples - nip pals. 'Nuff said. Apple.

Newspaper - nous paper; noose paper. Nous paper (from Greek 'nous', the mind) - something to think about. Noose paper - choking on the bad news.

Ontological - on, too logical. From the dictionary: 'ontological - branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being'. But lets move on, that's too logical. Metaphysical.

Optimistic, optimum - opti-mystic, opti-mum. The more mist I call, the more I become one with the Mum (Mother), the more I enter the psi-lens (silence), the better I feel. Silence.

Owe - O; oh! Owe a debt? Uh-Oh! To get relief, pay your debts (karmic and otherwise). Oh! that feels so good when the debt hits O and we're back to One with the whOle.

Pathological - path o' logic all; my path o' logic all about myself.

Perform, performance - per form, per form ants. Perfect form, please.

Physicist - fizz-a-cyst; fizz-I-cyst. Freeze the fizz-I-call into a formula.

Picture - pick tour; choose your exploration.

Please - 1. plees (help me!). 2. pull ease - draw or be drawn to what we're attracted to.

Police, Policies, Political, Politics, Politician - po' lice, poIis seize, polit I call, polit icks, polit-I-shun. What is the job of the police? To enforce the polis seize of self-serving polit-I-shuns and clean out the crime-in-all those po' lice, rats and other scurvy pests who infest our body polit-I-call. Politics pol I ticks; what makes me mad. Forms of polit icks:

    Capitalism - cap it all is m(e); I wanta be on top.
    Corporatism - core poor rate is m(e); lots of workers, a few boss says.
    Communism - come! u 'n' I is m(e); ain't no difference between us.
    Feudalism - feud all is m(e); me against everyone else.
    Socialism - 'so shall I' is m(e); the co-oper-rate, not the co-poor-rate.

Precede - pre-seed. Every corn-stalk is pre-seeded by someone's hunt for food.

Probably, probability - probe ably, probe ability. If you probe ably, the future yields its secrets.

Proliferation - pro life ration; pro life ray shun. More can be better, but too much may collapse the population.

Puberty - Pooh Bear Tea. Celebrating childhood's end with Whinny the Pubic.

Raven - ray ven(us). Will lost love return? Quoth the ra-venus, "Nevermore!"

Reason, Reasonable - re-sun, re-sun able; re- as one, re- as one able. Re-sun - cast new light. If we are re-as-one-able, it all comes back together.

Rebel - re-bell. Keep that Liberty Bell ringing! Adam's Apple, Bellow.

Recreation - re-creation, or wreck creation? Is your re-creation nature-all, or do you leave your butts, plastic bottles and beercans for others to clean up?

Reflection - re-flex, shun! Think before you re-act.

Reiki - ray key. Ki.

Remission - re-mission; get back on task. It's not over yet; return to your more-tale-ity, Mortality.

Retaliate - re tale I ate; keeping score.

Risky - risk key; risque'. It's always a little risk key to live x-statically.

Rumor - rue more. Rumor spreads more rue and ruin (rue in). Less rue more means more rue less.

Scarcity - scare city; scare! sit! ee!

Shalom! - (we) shall om! Peace be onto you.

Shuteye - shut I. Enough about me.

Spellbound - bound by spells. The central tenet of Angelish - that we are bound by the spells we cast.

Startle - star tell! the shock of 'in light ten meant'. The ten directions (dimensions) of light: north, south, east, west, up, down, in, out, all directions at once, no directions at all. The stars (gods, neters, fates) speak to us. Chakra.

Storm, Stormy - store me! Got to let out all the repressed and locked up stuff. Empty the store-age room of old emotion.

Suicide - sue I side. Been mistreated. Been deleted. Those who should have supported me, didn't; owe me karma for next life.

Symbol - cymbal. A symbol cuts through the maze of conflicting ideas to provide a point of unity or clarity; just as the note of a cymbal cuts through the maze of surround-sound to focus on a single note, which echoes out in all directions.

Tie - tie. What ties us to each other, is that we are all equal. Or are we? Does a man's tie denote his acceptance by and connection to his social tier (tie-er); or is it an acknowledgement of enslavement, being 'tied down' or 'tied to' his role?

Time - tie me. Second - 2nd; not primary. Minute - minute. Tiny. Small portions of reality. Hour - our. What ties us together. Day - Dei - one cycle of the Sun (Son), or how God Junior attends to us. Month - Moonth. In one Moonth, the entire year is played back emotionally through every season, or sign. Year - Ye Are. What we make of ourselves. Century - sentry. That which guards our life limits.

Trial - try-all. Looking at all the options can be quite a trial. Yet our legal system, which insists we can only be guilty or not guilty, certainly does not try all the possibilities in between. Finally, try all - when one is judged, all are judged.

Tribal - try b all; try be all. Group consciousness.

Trivia - try via; tri-via. Trying different paths leaves much try-via scattered in our wakes. Nor is the threefold path - tri-via - of Materialism, Religion, and Personality, which underlies so much of modern life, a better option.

Triumph - try umph! Wanta win? Move that wag on! Put your shoulder to it. Try umph!

Units - you and I 'T's; you and I ties.

Uranus - your anus. The end of personal life (the inner planets) and racial childhood; introduction to the realm of the gods. Your anus is the place where if you don't clean your own shit, it may plug and kill you. Alternate form Ouranus (our anus). Zodiac, Planet, Saturn.

Urine - you're in. If you're in the flow, things go well. Whatever state of flow you're in, flows through and out of you

Voodoo - vous do. Another Frangelish (French-Angelish) weird-spell. Which witch is which, or, 'who does the vous-do to who'.

Wealthy - well Thee. Thou drinkest from the wellspring of life. Real wealth is sacred.

Wake - wake. A wake, or funeral, is the ultimate sleep; or is it the ultimate awakening? And are those who attend the wake left in the wake, the afterwash or after-wish, of the awakened dreamer? Awaken, Mourn.

Warden - war den. If the war of all against all lands you in a cell, don't try to sell the warden on your innocence; he's not buying.

Weather - whether. Whether it's hot, whether it's cold, there's always something to learn, someone to love, something to do; don't blame the whether.

Wee - we; whee. When you're having a good time, problems disappear, life is simple. The Wee Folk (we folk) are the 'whee!' folk.

Wire - why are; Y R we here? What binds us together. In the Beginning was the Wired.

Wise - Y's. Knowing the route that got us where we are. Y, Likewise.

Wonderful - won dare full; one dare full! Take the risk! Life is full when 'one dares'.

eXact - X act. Crossed out. Nothing left over. But also, as a verb, eggs act. The seed you plant is precisely the plant you grow.

eXpand, eXpansion - X panned, X pan shun. Never say no, there's always more. Among the current X-panned-ing beliefs: the expanding economy; the expanding universe; the expanding waist (waste) line; X-panned-ing drug abuse; X-panned-ing social security roster; X-panned-ing unemployment; X-panned-ing world population; X-panned-ing desertification. Are there any limits to our X-pan-shun?

eXperiment - ex pair I meant. Weeding out what doesn't belong with you.

Yew - you. The bows for Robin Hood's arrows are made of yew. The beaus for Cupid's arrows are maid of you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.