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10 - World/Whirled/Atom/AT hOMe

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WORLD - a planet
WHIRLED - a plan-net

Electron circles nucleus, man circles woman, moon circles earth, earth circles sun, sun circles galaxy. The world is matter, and everything that matters is whirled. But consciousness is the plan in the plan-net.

Scientists call the study of matter physics. The deeper we penetrate the nature of physical matter fizz I call matter, the fizzier it becomes. Nice hard atoms reveal themselves as largely empty space. Sub-atomic - or sub-sub-atomic - particles such as quarks, electrons, and gluons glue-ons hold those squirrelly, elusive quarks together; with their charge and spin, all seem more phantasmagoric than ‘real’. Everything that is, is surrounded by a vast cloud of what might be, or might have been. Such a cloud is called ‘virtual particles’. And what are virtual particles made of? Vibrations? Thoughts? Mathematical formula? Tensor field flux? Try telling a scientist virtual particles are made of virtues, and watch the expression he gives you. Or, ask him to tell you then what they ARE made of, and after he’s done, watch the expression you give him! Vibrating strings? Strings of what? Physics, the core of the ‘hard sciences’, has slipped into hippie-speak, into ‘vibrations’.

Physics has become fizz-eeks! A world gone mad. And, despite the best efforts of our physical trainers and our own stalwart force of will, our own hard-body physiques are also fizz-eeks, whirling out of control, and also – virtually - all empty space. Physics has taught us we are little puff balls of pretence; take out the void and leave only the ‘elemenary particles’ which comprise us, and the whole of a human body isn’t big enough to be a visible speck of dust. Over-burdened speck of dust though it might be. Take out all the empty space from the planet, and you have an object, with the same gravitational force, but the size of a cherry. But that too can be compressed, the electrons pushed within, and canceling the protons. Then what? A ‘singularity’? A pinprick of nothingness?

But Angelish agrees with the Tao: Nothing is Something. The Ought zero; emptiness is a call to be. Be what? What we ought to be!

And what ought we to be?. Search your thoughts (thee oughts). Remember that to THINK is THe INner Key.

In the long run, what matters to us isn’t matter, but Virtue: the Good, the True, the Just, the Beautiful.

Every Adam is an atom of consciousness. Every atom AT OM; AT hOMe is a whirled in itself, a spinning vortex of attraction and integration. Are you at home in your own life? In the world? In your body? In your truth? In your beauty? In your thought?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.