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9 - Write/Right/Rite/Ritual

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WRITE - write a song
RIGHT - right a wrong
RITE - write rightly, rite rich- ual-ly
RITUAL – en-rich you all

To write something is to turn a word or spelling into a ritual; that which is re-spelled. If it is ‘well written’ - connected to the well of life from which all good ritual springs - then it is right rite and enriches the world.

Let’s explore the written – ritualized - word ‘syntax’. Here’s a dictionary definition: “arrangement of any group of elements in a systematic or rule-based manner.” The dictionary itself is thus an example of syntax: it arranges a group of elements – words - systematically and by alphabetical rule. If words were entered randomly in the dictionary, y’s before d’s, e’s after p’s, we’d be creating disorder– and paying in confusion for our sin in mis-writing – the sin tax. Our organizational abilities would be interfered with, and our thought processes poorer rather than richer.

In society, whether our ritual consists of dancing at dawn to make the sun come up, hitting a ball and running from base to base, or eating the body and blood of a god, we are participating in collective activity, in ritual enrich you all, designed to leave both individuals and group more alive, richer in spirit and body.

When any or all the forms of writing righting, rite-ing are done well, our lives are enriched When done poorly, life is impoverished. We pay the sin tax. There is always a balance to these things. In politics the body politic will crash to earth when flying on only one wing - the right - those whose position in society has been enriched or ritualized, perhaps by family name or inheritance; or the left -those exlcluded or left out of the social contract. Should the left win a revolution, they then become the right, and nothing has changed. Only when those holding onto the values and status of the past, the ‘right’, and those who seek change, the ‘left out’, learn to fly in balance with one anther, will the body politic be whole. And well.

When Write / Truth, Right / Justice, and Rite / Art are combined, we ‘walk in beauty’ and live richly.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.