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12 - Alchemy/All Key Me/Chemistry

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ALCHEMY - All Key Me
CHEMISTRY - Key Mystery
ALCHEMY - lead to gold
ALL KEY ME - led to goaled; self-directed

The key mystery of life is how being led lead from without transmutes into being goaled gold, led from within. Key mystery is also ki mystery - Japanese ki; Chinese chi; Egyptian ka; Polynesian aka - the mystery of the life force.

A story my karate teacher told me: As a young second-degree black belt, strong, proud, in the fullness of his youth and art, he observed an older Japanese man, half his size, practicing aikido at a local dojo. During a pause, he went over to introduce himself, bowing and commenting on how graceful he found the man’s art to be. Then made the mistake of saying: “Of course, I know this is meant for spiritual purposes, not combat - .” - He could get no further. “Oh, you think not good for fighting?” - “I only meant - ,” he protested.. But the other would not be put off: “You think not good for fighting? Hit me! Your best punch!” - Eventually, after numerous evasions, the karate black belt threw a punch which ‘would break ten bricks’, expecting that the smaller man would somehow block or evade it: “It wasn’t that he could take the punch. It never got there. It was like trying to punch, not bricks, but into an infinite pillow. I asked him what happened.” - “You said, ‘this way!’” responded the man, pointing at his chest. “But I said, ‘that way!” and he pointed down. He had bent the energy, the ki, and sent it into the earth.

During the Enlightenment enlighten meant, great painters and poets, inventors and scientists – who were, however, also alchemists and astrologers - threw off the dark weight wait of the Middle Ages, and drew new light into human affairs. Their auras shone with golden light – the gold, or goaled, mission that inspired them. Gold light is goaled light – light with a purpose. Such inspired beings were alchemists in the true sense – they transformed trance-formed the world. That is, entranced with their own visions, they formed the art which entranced others. They were unique individuals, in touch with their own souls. And yet, as is so often the case, they came into the world together. Their genius became ours - genie, us!.

To transmute means that when the trance-producing voice of authority mutes, the inner voice speaks. When the herd voice is mute, the true voice is heard.

To change the world, listen to the inner voice. That is the true secret of All Key Me.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.