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13 - Eight/Ate/8/Create/Terminate

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EIGHT - eternity - 8
ATE - time - 8
CREATE - universe 8 itself to cre-8 itself
TERMINATE - end our term in 8

An 8 is an infinity symbol turned sideways. The eternal truth is, we are what we ate; but we become what eats us. The eater forever becomes the eaten. But the eaten also becomes the eater.

When we pray, we may push our hands together, push the yin and yang of polarity together and ask the eternal to enter into the temporal. But when we prey - or agree to be prey - we ask the temporal to enter into the eternal. We ask for form-change, as a means to learn, to see ourselves from different angles. In Angelish, a predator is a ‘pre-dater’; an agreement for form-change. We take our proper turn as slayer, as well as slain. Carrot becomes rabbit. Rabbit becomes wolf or man. Or perhaps carrot bypasses rabbit, and turns directly to man. Man or wolf becomes earth. Earth becomes carrot. And so we learn.

Some religions teach to pray before eating. Others, such as a hunter who prays to the tribe of the deer before sending his arrow, pray before killing. A proper prayer always takes the form: give me what I, or my family or my tribe, need; no more, no less. It is a proper prayer preying to hunt the tiger to protect the village. It is not a proper prayer to hunt the tiger to display it’s head on a wall.

What is taken but not eaten not ate, or 8; not converted from time back into eternity that is waste. A weight on the body and a wait for the spirit.

Do not take too much. But do not take too little either. If you wish to give your life as a ‘gift to God’, be sure you have something worthy to offer.

So, what’s eating us? Are we being eaten by time? Or is time the ‘tie-me’ to eternity?

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.