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16 - Gold/Goaled/Gilt/Guilt

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GOLD - money matters
GOALED - values matter
GILT - false gold
GUILT - false goal

It is said the Aztecs called gold the defecation of the gods. If so, perhaps they came to wonder why the conquistadors seemed to worship their own excrement.

Gold light goaled light is light bent to a purpose. When that purpose serves the needs of others as well as self, then we are ‘golden’ goaled in. Our Prophets and our leaders are enlightened beings. We shine, we are illuminated. Our spirit teachers give us a gold star.

But when our purposes are selfish or superficial, we become guilty gilt-y of idol worship idle worship.. We have degenerated from ideals to ‘I-deals’ – what serves me. We become mean, or me-diocre. We have come to worship our own shit.

When we go further, and convince or compel others to worship our shit, we become Seizers Caesars, Kaisers, Czars, Tyrants. We think that we can own the earth. Despite the surface gleam, our souls are dark, our futures ominous, and the prophecies what the prophet sees are only more profits seized.

Seizers seize the profits. Caesars seize the prophets. Either way, the world is poorer.

It is said the Hopi had a prophecy which foretold the return of the gods. They would come shining with light. They would come mounted on birds with great wings. They would speak with the voice of thunder, and have the power of lightening. And they would carry a symbol – the cross. If the cross were mounted in a circle, symbolizing power in service to the circle of life, man in service to woman and tribe, then a golden age would have dawned. But if the cross were alone, then men would have failed, and instead of the gods returning, they would have summoned the devils who would punish them for their failures.

We are, or should be, the masters of our own fate.. If you ask your inner Prophet how to rule your own life, you Khan.

These cards remind us that what matters to us becomes our material existence.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.