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15 - Understand/Under Stand/Substance/Sub-Stance

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UNDERSTAND – know what matters
UNDER STAND – hold from below
SUBSTANCE – matter understood
SUB-STANCE – stand under; be low

The most deeply grounded people are the most soulful people, because they are moved from below and within by the rhythms of something greater than themselves. As opposed to ego, which serves self in separation rather than self in communion. To be one with yourself, be one with earth. The soulful person is always humble. The most creative flights of spirit are followed by feet firmly planted on the ground. If not, what brings us to earth may be pain or agony a ‘go knee’ - what brings us to our knees.

Understanding requires humility. In serving others and bowing to the courage which has brought them to their present place, we strengthen them, strengthen ourselves, and strengthen what we are together. This is what matters in life; and this is also what physical matter is; life slowed down to understand itself.

No great branches come from weak roots. Matters of great substance are grounded in deep introspection. What do you have to understand, before you can come out on top?

These cards ask: Do you have soul? Can you be a part of something else, and still be fully yourself? Can you understand and support others, and still follow your own unique way? Find the place on earth that you belong, the one that is yours. To find your soul, it is not enough to walk a path. You must make a path. Then walk it. Leave signposts for those who follow. Support, understand and encourage them. Until they in turn make the path their own. In using your unique gifts to serve others, you will have found your soul.

Soulful. Solo. Alone. And yet one with all that is.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.