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18 - Sane/Seine/Insane/In Seine

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SANE - a net to capture mind
SEINE - a net to capture matter
INSANE - caught in your own net
IN SEINE - caught in someone else’s net

None of us could live with all the sensory impressions from within and without constantly impinging on us. Our mind mind - obey orders; mined - clear the ore from the slag captures certain information in formation, rejects other. Too narrow a mesh in our net, too little comes in, too narrow a life, we are trapped in seine. Too wide a mesh, too much comes in, too chaotic a life insane.

In India it is traditional that there are two kinds of insanity. The selfish or criminally insane, who do not let others in, and suffer from their isolation. Isolate: I so late for the celebration. And the holy insane. Those who let in God, which is everything, and so are overwhelmed. But these latter are not considered truly insane. Just blessedly demented. It is the job of others to take care of them; because they are busy taking care of us.

Once I worked a fishing boat with people who were quite insane. When the captain was aboard, the first mate was in a bar. When the mate was on the boat, the captain was in the bar. The cook finally got them both aboard, and we set off for the fishing grounds, and nearly hit an island, because the captain and the mate both forgot who was on watch. We started fishing, alternating sets off a river entrance with another boat. The captain decided not to share. He turned our boat around, and dropped our nets – called a purse seine – on the wrong side of the boat. We caught rocks, tore nets, and lost another fishing day.

The pattern in the nets was large enough to let the small fish through, small enough to keep the salmon. But this didn’t work on jellyfish; the nets tore them apart. Pieces of jellyfish, the stinging nettles, slid down the nets onto our faces and inside our slickers. The salmon kept us busy; the jellyfish drove us mad. We worked around he clock with little sleep. The seas, the wind, the night sky all mocked our purposes. A pipe burst, and filled my bunk with fuel oil; when I tried to use the first mate’s bunk while he was on watch, he came down with a butcher knife and threatened to fillet me. I too became insane, not knowing if I would make it back. But when I did, when we slid into the dock and I was back on land again, I knew I had never felt more alive.

Are you living sanely? Making healthy judgments over how much food, how much money, how much information or sex or television or how many connections you can really use? How much adventure or how much experience to have? Or are you mad insane over being caught in someone else’s reality? Huddled up in fear of letting anything in? Do you need to narrow the mesh of your net; or make it wider?

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.