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26 - Heel/Heal/A Qua/Aquarius

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HEEL - Achilles’ Heel
HEAL - Achilles, heal!
A QUA aRe I US? - One becomes Many
AQUARIUS - wounded healers

When the hero’s feet leave the ground, he can be de-feeted. To heal is to heel, to become humble again, come down to earth. The Age of Aquarius asks how we heel the connection between earth and sky. How we can be both angels and animals, both spirit and matter?

Healing takes place on many levels. Sometimes it is gentle; but also sometimes violent. Some 13,000 years ago, when we were just entering the Age opposite to Aquarius, that of Leo, the earth needed healing. We were in a similarly critical, strained but 180 opposite alignment to the forces of Galactic Center. An Ice Age ended, the poles shifted, and great climatic changes occurred. It is a time we remember in our mythologies under names like the Great Flood or Destruction of Atlantis. Many species - Mammoth, Mastodon, Saber-Tooth Tiger, Giant Sloth - ceased to exist. Equally powerful energies pull at our planet now, and many wonder if the purging may be as extreme.

But - or so my guides and my dreams tell me - a decision was made to grow this great crop of humans for these times. We are animals, but unlike other animals, we pursue our waking lives with spines perpendicular to earth. The job of other species is to distribute energy on the planet. Ours is to integrate sky and earth. If enough of us live ‘upright lives’, if our alignment to earth and sky, goddess and god, light and darkness is in balance, then we can redistribute the powerful forces which pull at our world. Forces Gaea would survive, though we might not. We can learn to be the planetary healers, rather than the destroyers that in too many ways we have seemed to be. To be healers, our heels must be firmly planted, our dreams grounded in reality, our ambitions those of service.

The Astrological Ages, each lasting a little over 2,000 years, are described by their names. In Leo, the Lion roared, and great echoes swept the world in the form of tidal waves, overwhelming some lands, but pushing others up from the sea. In Virgo, the Virgin verge in, we began anew, began the healing. In the time of Taurus Tao R Us; we are the Way humanity existed tribally, but not individually. We lived in collective souls. Aries a race, Latin res or territory brought the race to individuate, to separate from the tribe. People acquired names, and souls.

Pisces was the opposite energy to that of Aries, for the Piscean Age is that of universality Pi-Seas, from Pi, the formula for the area of a circle; and Seas, the Great Sea of Being. The world-conquering individuals – an Alexander, a Caesar - appeared at this time to represent the transition from individual to universal – the universal individual. On the spiritual level this idea was symbolized in the Christ, or Crossed, who embodied the desire for union between Earth and Sky. As the Piscean Age ends, we confront the question – universal peace, represented by ideas like the United Nations, or the internet; or universal destruction - atomic warfare; global warming and flooding; mutated and unstoppable plagues.

The Age of Aquarius suggests the answer lies in integrating the preceding Ages: The Lion’s roar of courage and determination. The Virgins ritual of purification. From Taurus respect for the collective souls of variant tribes and cultures. From Aries, the unique soul of the individual. From Pisces, a one-world understanding. Aquarius. A QUA Latin what R I US? To what end have I, the One, become Us, the Many? To be individual, tribal, and universal. This is the Aquarian quest, the story of the wounded healer.

To heal your own wound, heal the world. To heal the world, heal yourself.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.