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30 - Resent/Re-Sent/Cynical/Sin I Call

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RESENT - what comes around
RE-SENT - goes around
CYNICAL - what I criticize
SIN I CALL - what I become

Like cards 28 Fear and 29 Irate, card 30 Resent carries a story of the ways we defeat ourselves. Resent and re-sent, what goes around, comes around. In vain we try to escape by blaming others. They did it. The karma is theirs. Like another cartoon character from the past, Joe Bftsplk of Lil' Abner, we carry our own rain cloud above our heads. Our raining/reigning emotion is fear and resentment. It's not my fault. But - what we resist, persists. I don't trust you. And of course I am proved right! You did it to me again! By becomming cynical, the sin I call comes back to me. Round and round the same tree.

What a difficult life, always living inside de fence I wrap around myself.

Yet always the potential that the energy coming from the world can be taken as just that, energy. What has been re-sent(ed), can be re-called, and re-directed. I can always choose to thank life for the lessons. To take it in, and learn, and send out a new message (turning 'mess age' into 'me sage'). When I recall the lesson that whatever comes in to my life somehow reflects me, and change the energy before re-sending, then re-call falls into the past (or, the test I've passed), and becomes memories - me more ease (card 47 Tale).

I judge the world; I judge myself. What I value, honor or support, I become. But equally, what I condemn, I become.

This is the last judgment; this is what the last judge meant.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.