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4 - Radius/Ray Deus

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RADIUS - angle to surface
RAY DEUS - angel to us
SURFACE – face of world shown
SIR FACE – face of god shone

An angel is a connection from God to Us. God is Good is Guide. Each of us has our own angel, or guardian, or guide. We each also have our own perspective, or angle. When we find our right place, and accept the guidance guide-dance which has brought us here, we become one of the ‘points of light’ in the ‘circle of stars’. One of the ‘messengers’ or ‘angels’ for others.

In Angelish, God or Spirit or The Great Mother is at the center of the universe; or the center of the circle Sir-Call; what the Divine Center has called into being; this can be a world or planet or the center of who we are as individuals. Thus, a message from God to us, from center to surface, is called a Ray Deus Ray of God, or radius. Angels were traditionally called messengers because they carry the message of the God-dess Center to each of us. Center is also Sent Her – the feminine aspect of Divinity, sent to soften the harsher aspects of the Sir Face.

Archangels arc angels are angels for territories, or perspectives. Thus the traditional Four Directions: Michael, Guardian of the South – Fire or Change; Uriel, Guardian of the North, Earth, the Unchanging; Raphael the East, Air, Ideas; and Gabriel the West, Water, Flow, Emotion. An archangel is an arc angel – a territory or segment in the ‘divine sphere’ of our life experience. When we shine collectively, we create a territory, or arc. Or perhaps we create the ‘ark’ which preserves the life of our world.

Each angel or radius is a spoke in the wheel of life, and what is spoken spoke in is a new telling of the creation - in the beginning was the ‘spoken word’ - which forms the circle of life.

The Angel or Radius card may be telling you to make a choice, to find a perspective or angle which makes sense of the given situation. Or it may be telling you to be an angel, a Ray Deus, to give the message to others.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.