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5 - Archtypes/Mythology

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ARCHETYPES - our key types
MYTHOLOGY – my theology
NOAH’S ARK – know as ark-etype
HIERARCHY - higher arc key

Plato once said that God geometrizes; creates the world through Sacred Geometry. In Angelish, mathematics is MA-THEMATICS – the Mother’s Themes. These basic themes are the myths, the archetypes that infuse our theology theo logy; theo logos; the divine word. Our Key Types. The Archetype card asks: what is the theme in your life which must be pursued in order to tie the Center - Spirit; God; Source; The Mother - to the surface of day-to-day life?

There are territories within territories, archetypes within archetypes. To open unknown territories, we must use our key types, what we are familiar with, until we understand what has been unknown. Noah’s Ark knower’s arc; know as arc did not hold the physical animals; it holds the genotypes of the animals, their code. Archetypes our key types are the mental categories with which we organize our world. They are the plan which holds the plan-net together. This is the gift of intelligence in-tell-I-genesis which God has given us through the Ray Deus. To know our Ark Key Types. Our mythology becomes our theology. Our theology becomes our physics, our physiques, our physiology. This is the ‘word made flesh’.

On a computer, a combination of letter and function keys convey information. What is the key you need to ‘know as archetype’ Noah’s ark type’? The Archetype card asks, what do you believe, where do you belong, and where are you evolving?

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.