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44 - Nun/None

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NUN - she needs know ONE
NUN - she kneads no one
NONE - she needs no one
NONE - she needs, no one

There is nothing more painful in life than not being loved. If, as children, we are not touched – emotionally or physically, we lose touch with our kneads. Later in life we try to behave as if we have no needs. We need no one. We knead - touch - no one. What are our needs? None. Nun.

Nuns and Virgins were once the priestesses of the Mother. But the words did not mean the same thing. Since housing, clothes and food were supplied by the temples, as the Church does today, the needs of the Sacred Priestess for physical sustenance were - none. But this did not mean she kept from physical intercourse. In fact, the opposite was generally true. She was the mediator between males and the Great Mother. Men gave grain and meat and labor and protection to the temples in exchange for the right to meet the Goddess through her priestesses.

If we have truly ‘met God’ – through a church, through a cause, through a great labor of love, or through ecstatic love – we are consumed in and with and through that meeting. We have no other great need. Our needs are – nun.

But if we do still have needs, if there is a yearning for something more rising within us, we must begin again. In Angelish, verge-in is a renewable condition. To leave the past, to be on the verge of going deeper into the self, into the adventure of life, is to be on the edge of the future. We verge in. But the moans of pleasure and anticipation may be mixed with those of exertion or pain. This is as true for a Sun-God, or Lord of Light Pharaoh as it is for a Sacred Priestess Lady of the Night; Whore..

The first need of life - emerge. The second need of life - merge. The third need of life - re-emerge. The fourth need of life - re-merge.

What are your needs? What touches you? What are your kneads? Are you ready to be a Verge-In again? Are you ready for a fresh start?

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.