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45 - Holy Spirit/Holy Grail/Holey Girl/Wholly Girl

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HOLY SPIRIT - holey, spear-it!
the HOLY GRAIL - Sir Pierce-Evil
the HOLEY GIRL - Sir Lance-a-lot
the WHOLLY GIRL and Sir Gay-Wayne

In Angelish, the fellowship of the Round Table is called the Spear-Ring. Gallant knights like Percival Pierce-Evil, Lancelot Lance-a-Lot, Sir Bors Bores, Penetrates, or Sir Bedevere Bed-Ever; Bed-Aware with Spear-Its high seek the Holy Grail Wholly Girl; Holey Girl . Or, in some cases, as with Sir Gawain Gay-Wayne or Sir Gehrig Gay-Rick, they seek each other. Where is the feminine that the masculine in you is seeking?

It is one of the mysteries of the Angelish language that the Holy is the Holey, and the Hole which we enter becomes Whole when we enter it. And yet it is our death which gives new life. The hero arose in Eros to give his life away. But is this not also true of a rose which, like the female whose scent and sight draws others to her, begins to die in the moment of her triumph? The lover’s arrows slay in both directions.

Pierced by Cupid’s arrows Eros, the Hero arose a rose in the flowering flower ring of life.

What is your quest? What is your question? What is your Quest-I-on? What Hole or Holy-ness Whole-I-ness does your Spear-it enter?

Be one of the heroes. Do your work he rows). Raise your spear! Let the man in you rise to the task! Give yourself back to the woman you womb in you have come from and to which, in glory and honor, you must return!

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.