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46 - Poetry/Poet Tree/Music/Muse Seek

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POETRY - amusement
POET TREE – a muse meant
MUSIC – mu, muse, museum
MUSE SEEK – Lemuria, Atlantis, Eden

The Tree of Life, Kabala, Tree of Knowledge, the Ancient Oak of the Druids, the Nordic World Tree among whose roots lies Mimir’s Well of Wisdom - in Angelish we call all these the Poet-Tree. For all that is, that ever was or ever will be, has been written by Poets and inspired by Muses, for their own A-Muse-Meant. Every leaf of a book is a leaf on the Poet-Tree. These are our beliefs; these are our be-leafs, Our ‘be leaves’ of the great Tree of Life.

Life is lief or leave - permission. Lief is leave. Be leave. Believe. By your leave. By permission of the king, or the sensei (teacher), or the goddess. By permission of life, to be a leave, a leave-taking, an adventure, greening and pulsing and calling in the sun. Then browning and dying, returning to the earth, decaying, rotting, until, pulled up again through roots, trunk, branches, to be leaf again, to believe again.

This is the story of poets. This is the story of the Poet Tree. This is the story of Muses. Is it not a-Musing? A Muse-sing? The Music and the Muse-Seek of Life?

Every Eden has its Tree. It’s Sacred Three, or Sacred Tree-o, of Roots, Trunk, Branches. Past, Present, Future. Every Poet has hung suspended, crucified upon the Poet Tree. Each true Muse coaxes this song again, in all its different be-liefs, from the Poet’s mouth or pen, her ecstasy or dying cry.

And what does the Poet write, what does the Muse seek? The Muse seeks the ancient Eden, Mu, Atlantis, Paradise, Ha-waiki, Shangrila; the Muse seeks Lemuria. The Muse seeks Mu; all that is. is Mu. Mu is. Mu is Music, Muse, Museum.

What amuses you? What! a muse is you! What are you seeking? Where are you Sea-King? Across what Sea. on what great I-Land in this Universe U N I VERSE; you and I verse grows your Poet-Tree?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.