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48 - Innocence/In Gnoscence/Knowledge/Legends

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INNOCENCE - in no sense
IN GNOSCENCE - in, know, sense
KNOWLEDGE – know lead edge
LEGENDS – know ledge ends

Innocence could also be in-nose-sense in nose, sense. To breathe in the world directly, and know what it is, without imposing our own thoughts thee oughts upon it.

The Gnostics, mystics of the early Piscean Age, believed God is One with Creation. Gnostic know stick - know each piece of the tree of life; know your body; but also ‘no stick’ - don’t get stuck to anything. To live in no-stick wisdom is to know the edge between the material and spiritual worlds; to know the legends and where the ledge ends. ‘Know’ is to ‘no’ in the Zen sense - not this, not that; no attachment.

Thin threads of aka, etheric or subtle matter, connect us one to another, and to spirits. Those who are psychic, just as animals do, breath the etheric threads through the sinus psi-in-us; psychic sense to the patterns of surrounding life. The nose knows.

Are you psychic? If not, is your nose plugged with old emotions? Stuck up in the air? Are you too nosey to know? Sometimes all it takes to clear the sinus is a bit of humility, a little sigh-in-us sinus; psi-in-us. Simplicity nose the truth.

Innocent: in, know scent; or in, no scent? Is there a trail to follow, or is there nowhere to go. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Unless it does. To you.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.