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49 - Israel/Is Ra El?

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ISRAEL - God is One
ISRAEL - God is Won
IS RA EL? IS RA Egypt’s God El Canaan’s God?
God Is Won, God Is ONE

In the Torah, ‘God’ is often rendered as ‘El’ - Elohim, El Elym, El Shaddai - variations on El, the God of Canaan. Bel Be EL. Baal and Allah are also variations on this name. When Abraham went into Egypt, when Joseph entered Egypt, did they find the same God? Is Ra El? Is Ra, the God of Egypt, El, the God of Canaan? Some would tell us no. But, if God Is One, it must be so.

In Spanish spAngelish, El is the masculine pronoun, and God is El Senor - the Senior El. Angelish ‘L’ is a ‘loop of light’ - a condensation of the power of light for the purpose of illumination EL lumination. Ra, the Egyptian version of the Sun God, is the astrological Aries, the RAM Ra is who i AM – the male principle of individuation, the spark of becoming. ISRAEL thus becomes RA-El IS - ‘I am becoming Light’.

In Greek, the character Beta - Hebrew Beth - is derived from a glyph for ‘house’. Thus, the Alpha-Bet Apha-Beta; Aleph-Beth can be rendered as ‘The Father enters the house’ or equally ‘the Father enters the Mother’. Beth Israel now becomes The House in Which the Father begets the Son.

If God is One, God is also Many – His, or Our, own creation. And if El is the El-der God, or God Senior, then Ra is the Son Sun God, or God Junior. Gods are always birthing Gods. But they are still ALL AH.

In Angelish we are each other, and each other’s shadow. The name of God for one becomes the name of the Devil for another – as Bel Be EL becomes Baal or Beelzebub. God is Dog, and Dog is God, or so Elvis Elf Is reminded his audience awed Di-ence; awed by the presence of the Divine): You ain’t nothin’ but a Hound, Dog.

All ways are the way. All Gods are God. All Gods put their own spin on things, and so become the God-S, the Spinning, or Fate-Weaving, Goddess. All Names are The Name. All life is sacred. No matter who you are, what you believe, you are Spirit. The question IS-RA-EL? has been answered: RA-IS-EL.

And so are you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.