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6 - Guru/Jesus/Isis/Allah

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GURU - Gee, yoU aRe yoU
JESUS - JEe, he’S US
ISIS - she IS who she IS
ALLAH - we are ALL AH!

Have you ever listened in spAingelish as a Latin person prays to Jesus? “Hey Sus,” they call, “Hey, ZEUS!” And when God has come to us, under any name, we all feel the satisfaction, the easing of our pain, the Ah! We are ALL AH. The names of the Divine all tell us the same thing:

  • MESSIAH - ME aSS I AHm; me as I am
  • YAWEH – YAH WAY; say yes to your path
  • ZEUS , Greek Father God - he’ZE US; he’z us
  • IMAM , Islamic Messiah - I aM who i AM
  • DIONYSUS - DIO (DIvine One) NIgh iS US; God is in us
  • CRONUS - The CRONe is US
  • IMAMA, African Mother Goddess - I yo MAMA
  • OSIRIS, Egyptian Father God - O, SIR IS; Oh Sire of Us
  • ISIS – she IS who she IS. Also I your SISter; I asSISt you
  • MARS – the MA R uS ; Mother Is Us; the War God who once was Goddess
  • GURU - Gee, U R U you are you

God is our Mother-Father. But God is also Us. The Angelish for the deepest meaning of Deity is the Angelish for the deepest meaning of Self.

When Moses asked God who had given him the Commandments, the Voice of God replied: Eya Asher Eya: I Am Who I Am. I Am Who Am. I Am What Is. This is the ‘Great Heya’ of the Plains Tribes. The cry of God. The I AM.

We speak of Jesus the Christ, his symbol the Cross. The Christ is the Crossed, the one who has ‘crossed over’. In the human body, the cross is between the vertical axis from feet through head, and the horizontal axis across the shoulders. When the first of the spiritual chacras, the heart, has opened, energy ascends the spine to the throat - the narrows, or crossing, from torso to head. The Truth Chacra. When our words are harmonious with our actions, we ‘walk our talk’. Head and body are in alignment a line meant between earth and sky; we have ‘crossed over’ on our spiritual path. The familiar ‘narrow gate’ of the Sermon on the Mount. The throat is the ‘throw at’ - we try to clear our throat to let the truth be heard in our words. If our words are false, ill-timed, empty, or malicious, we sin, or miss the mark. We have missed the Crossing. We are not a-Crossed.

The Cross is also the Sword: I have come not to bring peace but a sword. It is the way of the spiritual warrior.

Those who have ‘cleared a path’ have become, in the words of the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, “not a Christian, but a Christ”. As a somewhat heretical Rabbi said to me here: God learns as we do.

All ways are the way. All Gods are God. All Names are The Name. All life is sacred. No matter who you are, what you believe, you are Spirit. You are God. But you must call to the Divine, to God-dess, through the Name which calls you.

The message here is clear: to know the Divine, know yourself. To know yourself, know the Divine.

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