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8 - Lynx/Links/Ferry/Fairy

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LYNX - animal
LINKS - anima/animus
FERRY – links to the other side
FAIRY – lynx to the ‘other side’

In the grace of her body, Lynx holds connections to all of life. Lynx teaches the secret of Angelish - that we can never NOT be connected, no matter how hidden the connections may seem. Where there are lynx hidden in the forest for res, there are links for rest hidden in the heart. The ferry crosses the river of life; the fairy crosses the river of life and death.

In Ireland, it is said the ‘little people’ or fairies have disappeared, gone back into the earth. In Hawaii, where they are called menehune, the same is true. In industrialized societies, fairies are reduced to fanciful myths, or, like the ‘tooth fairy’, teach the economic values of the society. Yet where the faires fair ease have disappeared, the connections to faith, to wonder, to awe, to dreams have disappeared. Where the lynx have disappeared from the forest, our connections to the fairy world, to Avalon, to nature, and to Great Mystery have disappeared with them. We must go deep back into our hearts, for rest, in order to find them again.

Every life has obvious links – to career, family, location, state, race, religion or ideology. But it is the hidden lynx which supply the inner dimensions. To know the lynx is to know the fairies; the secrets behind the appearances.

A personal note: some 20 years ago I had the first of the shamanic dreams in which the Lynx appeared to me. Ten years later I had taken three years off to write, think, research and read the books which fell off the shelves at Powel’s Book Store in Portland, Oregon. This resulted in a manuscript in which of the original Angelish material first appeared. I called this manuscript Lynx in Time.

The day after I finished the first manuscript, I picked up the local paper, The Oregonian. On the front page was a headline: “Lynx rediscovered in Oregon.”

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.