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14 - Attention/A Tension/In Tension

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ATTENTION - precedes learning
A TENSION - precedes action
INTENTION - precedes creation
IN TENSION - precedes

Like Attention and Intention, Tuition and In-Tuition require payment – the fee or fear fee-er of leaving self to find the world; but equally, the fear of leaving the world to find self. Only then do I understand that the inner and outer world are one. When I see deeply into me, I see you in myself. When I care for you, I care for me; when I care for me, I care for you. Such deep caring is also deeply sensual – I sense you all as parts of me. The tuition that I pay to learn becomes intuition.

Yet in order to learn, I must pay attention. Pay a tension. A mother giving birth must pay a tension to the child’s need to leave the womb. Tension: tense ion. Ions are polarized particles with excess charge. Their ‘in-tense-ion’, or desire to bond, impels them to new connections. When we ‘pay a tense ion’ to other energy fields, we are amply repaid in the meeting, learning, and acts of creation create ion; create I-on-and-on.

Drawing the Attention card may give notice that something is about to happen; pay Attention, Tuition or Intuition to learn. The Tuition card reminds us that accurate self-knowledge yields harmony in relationships. Conflict with others is conflict within self.

Student: What is the secret of life? Teacher: Pay attention. Student: That’s all? Just pay attention? I’m doing all this searching, and that’s all you can tell me? There must be a better teacher. Teacher: Oh, there is, and you’ll find him. His name is Master Pain.

Pay Attention before you have to learn from Master Pain.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.