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32 - History/Management/Masculine/Board of Directors

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HISTORY - his story
MANAGEMENT - Man Age Meant
MASCULINE - mask you lie in

History’s author is the Awe Thor, Fear of God. Is this a tale of inspiration? or desperation? perspiration or persecution? history, or hysteria? Can you mask your line? Is your mask a lie? Is your face a mask of lines from facing deadlines? Does God communicate by heir male?

After writing The Satanic Verses. Salmon Rushdie was accused of blaspheming Islam. But what are the Satanic verses? When Muhammad received his visions from God, he told them to a scribe. These became the Quran. He wrote that there is but One God, and Allah is his name - All Ah! – all expressions of the Divine. The people came to him and asked, what of their Goddess, Allat? Could they still pray to her? Muhammad returned to meditation, and then told the people they could pray to Allat as an intercessor with Allah, much as the Catholic Church treats the Virgin Mary. But later, Muhammad recanted. In another vision ‘God’ told him that his first response had been a trick of Iblis, the Devil. We should only pray to God.

The divorce between God and Goddess, who a thousand years before, as Zeus and Hera, had already been at war, was now complete. As also occurred in Protestant Christianity, God received full custody of the children; the Goddess lost even her visitation rights. All of this based on a misconception, a divorce within the human animal between the right and left lobes of the brain. Yang Yaweh; Yao-Way was declared to be Tao, and Yin downgraded to yin, receptive to the will of God. Misunderstanding the interactive roles of male and female.

Imagine for a moment you are an animal, and your genes are your legs, what you stand upon. If you are female, you have four-legs - two x chromosomes. If male, only three - x and y. On four legs you are stable. On three, you begin to topple, and must move forward to regain your balance. The female is value in place, the unchanging or eternal; the male, value in motion, the temporal.

Try another thought experiment. You and your best friend are standing a few feet apart, looking up at the sky. You rise up in a straight line through your spine, seeking ‘God in Heaven’, to learn the divine plan for your life. Your friend does the same. But as you each rise higher and higher, you separate from each other. Space expands, and you and he or she travel to different skies, different stars. You each have your own destiny, but they are distinct.

But then imagine you both travel the other way, down your spine, into earth. The deeper you go, the less distance there is between you and your friend, until you meet at the Center. Here, you are merged, your destinies are One.

This is the Angelish understanding of Male and Female. The male energy moves up and out. It is the principle of individuation, exploration. The Female energy moves down and in. It is the principle of universality, unity. When we honor both, male and female are in harmony within us. When we try to make the above, the male into the universal - ‘thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’; or ‘as above, so below’ - then the message meant for the individual is misapplied to the tribe; the message meant for the tribe imposed upon the next tribe. This is His-Story. This is Man-Age-Meant. This is the war for control, which squeezes the Feminine Source and leaves us all in deprivation, playing the game of musical chairs to claim what is left.

To Man-Age can mean to grow into adulthood. Or it can mean to suppress and over-control. How do you Man-Age your life?

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.