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33 - Evil/Eve Ill/Stalemate/Stale Mate

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EVIL – womb-man sinful!
EVE ILL - woman pain--full
STALEMATE - no way out
STALE MATE - unhappy marriage

It’s a little hard to tell what went wrong back there in the Garden. Some specluate the snake must have been the penis; that it was sexual reproduction that spoiled the paradise of mitosis or parthenogenesis. But – that would have been a lot longer than 6,000 years ago. Hundreds of millions of years.

Others think the problem was the aliens. That the Garden was more of a Guard Den – breeding crèches for workers in the mines run by nasty ET’s pretending to be gods. Or, a less cynical variation, nature preserves for endangered native primates, overseen by kindly extraterrestrial ecologists.

Or if the issue was not alien mines, perhaps it was alienated minds? Perhaps eating of the Tree of Knowledge gave us the literally swelled heads that make birth so much more difficult, and require such long gestation periods for our young. That led women to take drugs or need surgery to endure the birthings? And so lead us to come into this world in numbness, fear, pain or separation.

But let’s look again at that traditional 6,000 year figure. We’re right back to the beginnings of the Age of Aries – the onset of individuation, personality. The most masculine of Ages. The transition from group or tribal soul to individual soul. The urge for the male principle to free itself from the constraints of females, the family, the tribe. Could that have been what split the Adam from the Eve?

In any case, something or someone played the snake. In Angelish, ‘snake’ is the s nay key. The hiss or sss or ssspin or twissst which allows us to say no. The right to not be what our gods or parents intended us to be, but what we choose for ourselves. Is that our fault? Is that our flaw? Is that our blessssing or our curssse?

When God blamed Devil, Man blamed Woman Womb-Man. When we condemn our past womb-man; it’s all my mother’s fault, we condemn our present and our future. Evil Eve-ill in Angelish is an unhappy marriage between Spirit and Matter; the belief we do not belong here in our bodies. The belief that we have failed God Good. Or that God has failed us.

This card may be asking you to examine your belief that it’s someone else’s fault. Or that it’s anyone’s fault at all.

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Angelynx. A divination deck. John Sacelli. Chris Deschaine.